Dr. Lisa Fisher

Dr. Lisa Fisher
April 19, 2023

Dr. Lisa Fisher
School Psychologist
Binghamton City School District

As a mental health professional in Binghamton City School District today, Dr. Lisa Fisher’s skills are used daily with a team of people to help support students and their families. In her role, she helps classroom teams identify and address academic struggles, evaluate to determine Special Education Disabilities, intervene in behavioral, emotional, or mental health crises, as well as provide support to students and families experiencing trauma.

Dr. Fisher has contributed to the Greater Binghamton Community by serving the Binghamton City School District at the building and district levels for over a decade. Her contributions have supported the success of hundreds of students who have graduated and gone out into the community to serve others. She works to organize a raffle that brings together her church and school community to raise money for the school.

She is most proud of her family: her children, her husband, as well as her parents and siblings. Professionally, she is proud of the work she does daily to help make the lives of the students she works with just a little bit better.

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