Unshackle Upstate

Fighting for Upstate NY is critically important during these unprecedented circumstances!


Albany has two significant problems, a legislature that is increasingly New York City centered, and a financial crisis that has left our government finances in shambles.


Upstate New York absolutely cannot be forgotten during this time.


As a Federal bailout become less and less likely, there is a clear understanding that the NY State will need to cut spending or increase revenues. Upstate New York cannot handle any more revenue generators from the State. The Governor is seeking a $59 billion dollar federal bailout, while presiding over the second largest state budget in the country.


The NY taxpayers and businesses cannot afford to be the State’s bailout! There are more than 400,000 unemployed people throughout upstate New York right now and 59% of small businesses across the state will run out of cash in two months or less.


UU is the premier voice speaking out on behalf of Upstate businesses and taxpayers. Your contributions make it possible to keep fighting for policies that will help create a friendlier business climate for Upstate NY and help stop bad ideas from becoming policy.


New York is clearly lagging behind other states, and these facts illustrate why.

      • Tax foundation ranks New York’s business tax climate as the 2nd worst in the nation.
      • A 40-hour overtime threshold could increase labor costs in New York by approximately $299 million.
      • Approximately 1.4 million New Yorkers have fled to other states over the last 10 years.
      • The scaffold law – enacted 135 years ago – costs New York taxpayers $785 million each year.
      • On average, New York drivers lose $2,768 yearly due to deteriorating roads and bridges and related traffic congestion.
      • New Yorkers with private health insurance pay $5.2 billion in taxes.
      • New York has the 3rd highest cellular taxes and the 7th highest gas tax in the nation.


The Greater Binghamton Chamber of Commerce is one of the founding members of Unshackle Upstate, and our participation in Unshackle Upstate has been a direct benefit to our Chamber members. The goals for Unshackle Upstate remain clear and is currently are committed to making New York State business friendly by advocating for:

      • Lowering Taxes
      • Responsible Spending
      • Fewer Mandates
      • Less Debt
      • Political and Economic Concentration on Upstate

For more information visit: https://www.unshackleupstate.com/

One of UU’s key priorities is creating an Upstate legislative caucus where upstate legislative members will come together and work on pro-growth proposals.


We would greatly appreciate it, if you would consider making a financial contribution to keep this organization fighting for the needs of Upstate New York. Investments can be sent directly to the Chamber for Unshackle Upstate or you can give online at the following link: https://business.greaterbinghamtonchamber.com/events/details/unshackle-upstate-donations-2020-7763

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