Two Pro-Business Laws Waiting to be Signed

The Greater Binghamton Chamber, along with pro-business allies, urged the Governor to sign two pro-business measures into law.


Both bills are designed to “help combat a climate of overly aggressive enforcement and lack of regulatory guidance and education by creating a culture where the state and business owners can work together to ensure the state’s rules and regulations are followed.”


A.7540-B/S.5815-C would provide a cure period for small businesses to fix a first-time violation, rather than be required to pay a substantial fine. This bill also ensures that the cure period would only be able to be used if the violation did not put the public’s health or safety at risk.


A.842/S.5812 would require state agencies to consider how new or proposed rules would affect small businesses. This includes the minimum time needed to comply with new regulations. Agencies would be required to consider the practical, financial, and legal constraints for small businesses that the new rule would require. There would also have to be a strategy for notifying small businesses of any new rule or change.


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