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There a few HR related issues that are coming up very soon in New York State and every business should be aware of these changes.


  • Many of you are already aware that in 2016, New York State instituted gradual increases to the minimum wage over 6 years. However, an aspect to this that not many businesses are aware of is the automatic increases to exempt employee salaries tied to the minimum wage increases and 75 times the minimum wage. What this means is if a business has a exempt administrative or executive employee making less than $832 per week on January 1st of 2018, that employee will need to either be paid over time or have their salary increased.


  • The second law that takes effect on January 1st of 2018 is New York State’s Paid Family Leave act. All employers that have at least 1 employee will now be required to offer 8 weeks of paid leave to their employees. The cost of this paid leave will be “fully funded” through payroll deductions, but all employers must purchase paid family leave policies or self-insure to cover these costs. Employers could have started making deductions as of July 1st, however employees need to be given 7 days’ notice on a wage change.


If you are unsure if your business is in compliance for either of these new or changed regulations, please contact the chamber.  We have information that can help you make sure you are in compliance by January 1st.

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