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The Chamber of Commerce hosted an Eggs and Issues on how to get a business selling online. This panel focused on how many small businesses have needed to adapt during this rapidly changing environment, and how businesses could could take steps to benefit from a COVID impacted economy


We had a stellar panel for this event, thanks to the Small Business Development Center (SBDC):

    • Lisa Churakos; Workbea
    • Elizabeth Raphaelson; Underground Attic
    • Jas Singh; Shopify


Lisa Churakos is and SBDC consultant and runs her own company called Workbea designed to get folks selling online. Lisa provided an overview of best practices on how a business should sell online. A few key facts she brought up was that:

    • 80% of consumers say they used a search engine to find a local product or service
    • 5.6 billion searches per day on Google


With the massive number of folks using the internet and shopping online, it is in your businesses best interest to get selling virtually. Often times being successful online means answering consumer questions before they even arrive. Sellers must learn to anticipate. Lisa provides free services to those working with the SBDC and we encourage you to reach out to her if you would like to learn the basics of taking your business virtual! Learn more at or call 413-438-2482


Our next panelist was Elizabeth Raphaelson, the owner of underground attic. The Underground Attic has been running as a brick and mortar since 2014. UA offers restored pieces of vintage clothing and accessories ranging from 1850-1980 as well as some handmade gifts and luxury items. Elizabeth has been selling online since 2012 but expanded her online presence during 2020 due to limited open hours due to Covid-19. While most businesses were struggling during COVID, her business was reaching new heights and they were selling more product than ever before. Elizabeth discussed how she has experimented with subscription-based services and how this has added stability and revenue to her business. Her ability to take advantage of selling over zoom has also increased her business significantly. Her talk was a testimonial to the fact that many more businesses could take advantage of these new and exciting opportunities.


Our final speaker was Jas from Shopify. Jas is currently a facilitator with Shopify’s Go team whose focus is on supporting and educating business associations and agencies to set up and to start selling online with all the tools and resources required. Shopify is supposed to be a comprehensive online selling platform that addresses businesses needs and can get you selling online rapidly. Shopify is actually responsible for $319 billion dollars’ worth of business on their platforms and work with mainstream large brands and small mom and pop shops. A few of the areas Shopify addresses in order to make your business more successful include managing inventory, logo creation, shipping, web store design, processing payment, and they even could help out with needed capital. Shopify is an excellent resource and has hundreds of functions to help make your business the most successful it can be!


We hope you are able to join us for our next Eggs and Issues on Zoning on May 7th!

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