Small Business Regulatory Cures

The Greater Binghamton Chamber of Commerce has been a vocal advocate that the governor sign S.5815-C / A.75490-B, also known as the Small Business Regulatory Cures Legislation.


This legislation provides that upon an initial violation of a state agency’s rules or regulations, a small business shall be afforded a cure period or other opportunity to correct the situation. If the business successfully corrects the problem, this would prevent the imposition of fines.


Often during our conversations with our members, many small businesses have concerns over aggressive enforcement of new laws and policies. This ultimately leads to a more unfriendly business climate. Small businesses rarely have enough compliance staff and therefore may have difficulty adapting to changes in state law.


New York State has a reputation as a difficult place to start, grow and succeed as a business. Our community relies heavily on the success of our small businesses. By allowing small businesses to have the opportunity to come into compliance with NYS without a fine, this would improve the communication with these businesses and improve our business climate.


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