Press Conference: NY HERO Bill (A2681B/S1034B)

The Greater Binghamton Chamber participated in a virtual press conference discussing the problems with the Occupational Exposure to Airborne Infectious Disease Bill.


The full video can be found here.

The UU MIO can be found here.

The bill language can be found here.


The Chamber’s full comments are below:


I am Kyle Davis with the Greater Binghamton Chamber of Commerce representing over 800 members.


We support calling out any business who is being a bad actor, but this bill adds additional burdens to many businesses who have done everything in their power to keep their employees and customers safe.


A certain Assemblywoman is quoted as saying “We need to ensure that corporations, who have made billions during this pandemic provide adequate protections to their employees and frontline workers.”


I’m here to tell you that this will be a burden to our small businesses, many who have been on a rollercoaster this past year. The past year has caused many small businesses in our community to close or be on the brink of deciding to close their doors.


According to a recent Siena Research poll 80% of businesses in NY say that economic conditions in New York State are worse today compared to a year ago. 67% of CEOs have experienced a decrease in revenues and 75% say COVID-19 increased the cost of doing business.


The fact is, most COVID-19 transmissions are occurring in homes, not within businesses.


Statistics show only 5% of COVID spread is traced from exposure at a private business.


This is a testament to the hard work businesses have put in to ensure safety.


This policy does not take place in a vacuum, but is an additional burden felt by our business owners.


This policy doesn’t target large corporations but hits our small businesses who are trying to juggle the new mandates that are thrown their way year after year.


We need legislators to slow down, ask business what can be done to support their efforts to grow, invest, and ultimately serve others in our community.


When businesses see that State exempt themselves from a bill, they realize they are being handed a rotten deal.


We ask that throughout the rest of session and further discussions on this bill, businesses are consulted with, thought of, and supported. We have to remember job creators are designed to serve others and are not the enemy.

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