NYSEG Rate Increase

NYSEG is proposing a delivery rate increase for both electric and gas. NYSEG is projecting an increase of 20.4% of base delivery revenues on electric, and 3% increase in gas delivery revenues. The NYSEG electric rate increase proposal is driven by increased costs dealing with vegetation management. For gas, NYSEG states that the increase is associated with infrastructure investments, and an increase in operation and maintenance costs.


The New York State Department of Public Service is in the process of evaluating whether – or to what extent – a rate increase is justified. So, a series of public statement hearing will be held in the next few days.


The Greater Binghamton Chamber of Commerce has submitted comment on the rate increase and encourage any business who will be affected by this increase to contact the Public Service Commission.


The Chamber understands the importance of investing in and properly managing our energy infrastructure, while also understanding the importance of affordable energy for our local businesses.



Methods to provide public comment on the rate case are listed below:
• Internet or Email: Go to www.dps.ny.gov, click on “Search,” enter the applicable case number (19-E-0378 or 19-G0379) and then click the “Post Comments” button at the top of the page.
• Email comments to the Secretary for the Commission at secretary@dps.ny.gov.
• By Mail or Hand Delivery: Comments may be mailed or delivered to the Honorable Kathleen H. Burgess, Secretary, Public Service Commission, Three Empire State Plaza, Albany, New York 12223-1350.
• Toll-Free Opinion Line: 1-800-335-2120 is set up to take comments about pending cases from in-state callers, 24 hours a day. Comments provided through this line are not transcribed, but a summary is provided to the Administrative Law Judges and to the PSC for their consideration.

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