Membership Benefits

Expand your professional network. Join a community of 800+ members.

The Greater Binghamton Chamber of Commerce is a nonprofit organization with over 800 member businesses and nonprofits. We help organizations of all sizes to connect, collaborate, and succeed through education, advocacy, networking, and community involvement.

We go the extra mile to help our members form relationships, and we dedicate our resources to helping every member succeed. What can you expect from the Greater Binghamton Chamber?

Business Growth

  • Networking
  • Education and Training
  • Advertising Opportunities
  • Workforce Recruitment and Development
  • Discount Programs

Voice of Business

  • Effective Advocacy – Local and State Levels
  • Engagement with Elected Officials
  • Timely Programming on Business Topics
  • Identify and Develop Legislative Priorities
  • Proactive Committees and Task Forces
  • Facilitate Business and Community Dialogues
  • Represent Small Business on Major Community Issues

Vibrant Community

  • Celebrate Business and Community Success
  • Promote Health and Wellness
  • Attract, Retain, and Invest in Young Professionals
  • Provide a Talent Pipeline Through a Business-Education Partnership
  • Foster Economic Development Initiatives

Membership Levels

Membership Tier Employee Amount
Sole Proprietor / Retired / Entrepreneur 1 $255
Nonprofit Up to 30 $340
Business Builder – Nonprofit 31 to 200 $450
Builder’s Edge – Nonprofit Over 200 $560
Business Level Up to 10 $390
Business Builder 11 to 50 $560
Builder’s Edge 51 to 150 $835
Classic Corporate Level 151 to 200 $1,390
Executive Level 201 to 500 $2,770
President’s Circle 501+ $5,470

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