Leadership Alliance Hosts First Community Update on COVID 19 Recovery Efforts

Newly formed Economic Response, Recovery & Resiliency Task Fore reflects on the first month of impact


BINGHAMTON, NY – The Leadership Alliance hosted its first “COVID 19 Community Update” today as part of its ongoing efforts to address the impact of the global health crisis in Broome County and the greater Binghamton region.


The Leadership Alliance, the informal merger between the Greater Binghamton Chamber of Commerce and The Agency created the COVID 19 Economic Response, Recovery and Resiliency Task Force in partnership with Broome County to address the immediate (0-6 months), short-term (3-12 months) and long-term (12-24 months) needs of businesses and non-profit organizations operating in the region. The goal of the Task Force is to develop and implement a strategy for economic reopening and resiliency in alignment with public health protocols now and into the future.


The Task Force is comprised of essentially two parts: the Economic Recovery Cabinet and Recovery Teams. The Recovery Cabinet is comprised of economic development organizations, industry representatives, education, government agencies and elected officials. Recovery Teams are focused in three core areas: 1) financial and business continuity; 2) workforce retention and talent attraction; and 3) tourism and quality of life.


The respective groups meet weekly and will ultimately devise a plan to aid efforts to reopen and reinvigorate the economy. The goal is also to provide updates to the community on a regular basis. Leadership Alliance staff provided its first update via Zoom today.


The presentation was intended to provide an update of the last thirty-days of activity related to the economic impact of COVID 19. Data was provided outlining the impact on area tourism and business activity. In addition, Leadership Alliance staff outlined key performance data they will use to measure recovery efforts as well as a conceptual framework for reopening, whatever that date will be.


“Communities that have a collaborative and transparent plan for recovery will become much stronger on the other side of this pandemic,” said Stacey Duncan, head of the Leadership Alliance. “We will align our recovery and resiliency strategy based on a data-driven understanding of the economic impact, the needs of our businesses and non-profit organizations, and most importantly, the public health protocols that will be designed to keep us safe.”


Duncan praised the commitment of area officials that have been engaged with the Task Force. Representatives from federal, state and local governments are active members.


Congressman Anthony Brindisi said, “Now more than ever we need to put politics aside, fight to defeat COVID-19, and get our economy going. Our frontline workers have shown such selflessness and bravery and as leaders of the community we owe it to them to work together. The Leadership Alliance and the Greater Binghamton Chamber of Commerce are leading by example and I want to thank them for putting together this task force. Together, we will come up with the solutions that will keep our communities safe and healthy while driving our economy back.


Senator Fred Akshar said, “The COVID 19 public health crisis has devastated our community’s local businesses and employees, just as it has for communities across our state and nation. While we all work together now to stop the spread of this virus and save lives, it’s also important to plan for the hard work ahead of us, when we must again work together to rebuild our lives and the collective future of our community. I’m proud to be a part of the team that will help guide our community back on a path toward recovery and prosperity.”


Assemblywoman Donna Lupardo said ”I’d like to thank the Leadership Alliance and the Chamber for organizing the COVID-19 Task Force and for inviting me to participate. While we’ve never faced a crisis of this magnitude, we‘ve learned from experience the importance of collaboration. I know that this group will do everything possible to help our community recover. It’s really an all hands on deck moment.”


Broome County Executive Jason Garnar said, “It is critically important that we help our businesses re-open and jump-start our economy again as soon as it is safely possible. With the COVID-19 Response, Recovery & Resiliency Task Force, we will be working together to address the immediate, short and long-term needs of our Broome County businesses and non-profits and assist them in moving forward and coming out stronger in this pandemic.”


Town of Union Supervisor Rick Materese said “In these difficult times, political division serves no useful purpose.  We in Broome county and Upstate NY serve residents of all parties that are in need of support and economic assistance from the Federal government.  Services and recovery depend on that aid and bi-partisan work.


The Task Force also includes representation of the Chamber and the Agency, which joined forces last November.  “While this was not what we had in mind when we formed the Leadership Alliance, it is a perfect demonstration of our partnership,” said John Bernardo, Agency Board member.


Kevin Blake, president and CEO of ICS Solutions Group who serves as the Chamber Board representative noted the benefit of the information share as vital to recovery. “I’ve learned so much about the impact this has had on all parts of the economy through the Task Force. It’s this kind of dialogue that will be necessary for success.”


The Leadership Alliance will post all presentations and reports resulting from this effort on their websites: www.greaterbinghamtonchamber.com and www.theagency-ny.com.



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