HYPE Awards

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The HYPE Awards is an event dedicated to recognizing young professionals in the Greater Binghamton region. There are 9 Awards being given this year – including one for a “Mentor to a YP” for which the recipient can be any age. Winners will be recognized at the HYPE Awards on Thursday, July 14 at 5:00.

2022 Finalists


Allison Drihmi, Jamie Jacobs, Melissa Conklin


Ashley Depew, Katie Barlow, Matt Ebbers


Bianca Chapin, Kristina Roach, Lisa Fisher


Bryon Palmer, Daniel Clark, Stacie Hansen


Karl Colburn, Kristin Saunders, Tamer Osman


Machella Raymond, Nicholas Matyas, Paul White


Alex Nichols, Fig McAndrew


Kyle Smyder, Rena DeVault


Brian Restauro, Gabrielle Wayman, Matt Sheehan


In 2022, we are recognizing individuals in the following categories. Please read the selection committee’s Nomination Guidelines: HYPE Award Nomination Tips before submitting your nomination.

Business: a young professional who shows outstanding leadership in key functions for a company or their own business. Includes but is not limited to: entrepreneurs, roles in finance, operations, human resources, marketing, community development etc.

Creative: a young professional who brings their creativity to their workplace and community. Includes but not limited to: visual artists, performers, graphic designers, writers, art directors etc.

Education & Training: a young professional who provides instruction directly or administers programs that prepare students of today to become better leaders tomorrow. Includes but is not limited to: K-12 teachers, career coaches, professors, professional trainers, etc.

Health & Wellness: a young professional who provides first-class support for mental, physical, spiritual, or emotional well-being to the population they serve. Includes but is not limited to: healthcare providers, coaches and trainers, fitness industry etc. (please also see non-profit category)

Non-profit: a young professional who is dedicated and passionate in furthering a particular social cause or advocating a shared point of view. Must work at a non-profit organization.

Service industry: a young professional who delivers an outstanding customer experience as a result of their hospitality or through their work. Includes but is not limited to: retail, restaurants, hotels & tourism roles.

Skilled Trades: a young professional excelling in an occupation that requires a special skill, knowledge or ability, usually obtained at a college, technical school or through specialized training. Includes but is not limited to: construction, machinery, transportation, warehousing etc.

STEM: a young professional leading impactful work in science, technology, engineering or mathematics fields. Includes but is not limited to: professionals in engineering, manufacturing or technology.

Mentor to a YP: This award is for anyone (of any age) who intentionally develops relationships with and invests in young professionals by sharing expertise and insight needed to grow successfully in their career and personally. As a result of this person, there are more economic, social and civic leaders in Greater Binghamton.


Criteria for YP Industry Awards:

  • Under the age of 40 as of July 14, 2022
  • Must currently work at a company based in Greater Binghamton
  • Demonstrates excellence, creativity, and initiative in their business or profession
  • Contributes time and/or service to the community outside of their business or profession
  • Complete an application for YP Industry Awards: 2022 YP Awards Nomination Form

Criteria for Mentor to a YP Award:

Thank you for helping us recognize amazing young professionals in our Greater Binghamton community!

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