Governor Cuomo Vetoes Bereavement Leave


Andrew Cuomo vetoed a bereavement leave bill that was sponsored by Republican Sen. Rich Funke and former Democratic Assembly Majority Leader Joe Morelle. This bill would have granted 12 weeks of Paid Family Leave benefits for bereavement. The Chamber of Commerce was sympathetic to the intent of the bill, however the language of this bill needed to be tightened to avoid abuse. This legislation would have burdened employers and limited productivity.


The governor cited the cost of the program on low-wage earners as the reason for vetoing the bill. Cuomo stated, “[T]he twelve-week benefit upon full implementation would constitute an extreme expansion of the PFL program, the cost of which would result in a dramatic burden on low-wage workers.” The PFL benefits are paid for by employees, so any expansion to this program would result in a higher tax on the workers.


More information on the bereavement leave bill can be found here:

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