Golf Course Tax Assessment Legislation

The Greater Binghamton Chamber of Commerce firmly believes that taxing golf courses at “highest and best use”, rather than its current use would be devastating to our communities’ golf courses. That is why we oppose Assembly bill 6444 and Senate bill 4420.


According to the Assembly’s justification for the bill, “the property may be located in a prime-real estate area where developers are willing to pay a premium for developable land. Such value is not considered in these assessments.”


Typically, golf courses are valued based on their income or current use and this is a much more equitable way of determining property tax assessments.


This legislation proposes a tax on golf courses for what “could be” and not “what is.” Highest and best value is a very subjective metric. Golf courses typically cover a large amount of land. If the land was to be valued at the “highest and best value,” as is being considered in the proposed legislation, this has the potential to significantly raise the tax burden on these local businesses. What the land could be used for is a debatable proposition. For instance, if natural gas infrastructure could be placed on the land, the value of the land may be significantly higher.


Unshackle Upstate has issued a memo of opposition here: UU MIO S4420 A6444 Taxable status date and the assessment of golf courses (002)


For more information on the bill click here:

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