First Eggs and Issues Panel on Marijuana Legalization

The Chamber of Commerce hosted its first Eggs and Issues on the potential legalization of marijuana. This panel focused on how employers and employees may be affected by marijuana legalization. The speakers of this event were:


Dawn Lanouette; HH&K
Jenna Rosenberg; President of STAHR/Visions Federal Credit Union
Sandy Jones; Express Employment Professionals
Sergeant Brian Kittle; Broome County Sheriff’s Office


Dawn Lanouette provided a history of topic and an overview of the legal concern’s employers should have about the issue. Among the top of the concerns is the possible inclusion of an anti-discrimination provision that would make it very difficult to test and terminate employees. This anti-discrimination provision was included in the Governor’s budget bill but was excluded from the Senates version of the bill.


Jenna Rosenberg discussed how employers have a right to have a workforce that is not under the influence and how to communicate the company’s expectations. When considering drug testing, it is important to think about industry, position, and varying regulations.


Sandy Jones talked about how to train managers and supervisors on this issue. She also spoke on how to navigate the issue of whether someone or not is fit for duty. It is very important that employers properly document why they think an employee is not fit for duty.


Sergeant Brian Kittle went into detail about how to determine if someone is impaired. Law enforcement has different tools that they can use to determine impairment, but a lot of the signs of impairment are the same regardless of circumstances.


Overall, the event was very well received and well attended. Below is some of the press coverage from the event.



We hope to see you at the next part of the series on the effect of marijuana legalization on healthcare.

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