Chamber Talks with Three Arrows Corp, FreshySites

As part of our mission to promote business growth, the Chamber was invited on a tour of Three Arrows Corporation in Binghamton, NY. During the tour we learned about their rich 45-year history of PC board assembly, wire wrap, custom cable assembly, and electromechanical assembly.


Some of the items discussed on the tour were road blocks they’ve encountered in the past, how they’ve overcome those road blocks, and the future of business in New York State.


One specific item that was mentioned was the increasing regulations and restrictions they have seen over the stretch of 45 years and how that has impacted their ability to do business in New York. Worker’s Compensation reform continues to be a priority concern of theirs, as well as the recent depletion of customer businesses who have uprooted and moved out of New York due to avoid unnecessary oversight.


Three Arrows Corporation has been a regional leader in PC board assembly, wire wrap, custom cable assembly, and electromechanical assembly since 1972.


The Chamber also sat down with Ben Giordano, Founder of FreshySites in Binghamton, to celebrate their new expansion in the Greater Binghamton area. While looking around their new office, we spoke about their steps leading to expansion, and the obstacles they had to overcome when looking to increase staff and company workload.


Starting with one person, in a spare bedroom to a successful business with multiple offices is cause for congratulations, but what was eye opening were the hurdles with a growing business. One major issue that is a common concern for small businesses across the country is healthcare. The rising cost of healthcare can be a detriment to growth – businesses want to hire more people, but also must navigate the legal system, which can take time and resources.


Another item we discussed was the opportunities for small businesses to obtain funding for expansion. With potential assistance, more businesses could see their growth rate increase, leading to increased hiring, and lowering the unemployment rate.


FreshySites – Website Design is a fully in-house digital design and web development agency focused on WordPress and WooCommerce service and have worked on over 950 projects since their launch in 2011.

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