Chamber Submits Comment on Employee Scheduling Mandates

In early September, Governor Cuomo asked that the Commissioner of Labor hold public hearings on employee scheduling concerns.  These employee scheduling concerns are asking the state to address what’s known as “just-in-time”, “call-in” or “on-call” scheduling.


Similar predictive scheduling laws are currently required in New York City and fast food restaurants are required to set their employee schedules 2 weeks in advance and any changes to this schedule within that time frame result in a premium paid to the employee.  Similar, but shorter term requirements, affect retail stores.


Earlier this week a public comment was held at Binghamton University and the Chamber issued a comment on behalf of the business community in the Greater Binghamton region.

Our comment was to inform the Department of Labor that New York State is already one of the hardest states in the nation to conduct business and another new mandate would make it even harder.  Also, without knowing the full affect to business of the minimum wage increases, and paid family leave another new mandate would further compound these issues.


Employers need flexibility in their schedules to accommodate for ebbs and flows of their customers.  Also part-time employees rely on changes to schedules so that they can make more money in their paychecks.  Without this flexibility, businesses would suffer by not having enough employees and a decrease in customer service and they would then also be penalized for having to call an employee in to cover a shift.


We asked that the Department of labor consider the already existing obstacles to do business in New York in their contemplations of any additional mandates.


If you are interested in submitting comment, there were be two more public hearings in the next few weeks.  The first in Buffalo on October 11th and the 2nd in New York City on October 17th.

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