Broome County No Longer Considered Fiscally Stressed

In total across NYS there are 25 local governments that are considered fiscally stressed. 10 of these local governments are considered to have significant fiscal stress. These local governments with fiscal stress include eight counties, nine cities, seven towns and one village.


While Broome County used to be considered fiscally stressed, it is no longer in such a dire situation. Broome County is still considered a municipality susceptible to fiscal stress, but the County is undoubtedly moving in the right direction from a fiscal standpoint. For more information click on Comptroller DiNapoli’s report:


County Executive Jason Garnar stated this in regard to the news, ““The bad, bad days of Broome County receiving among the worst fiscal stress scores in the entire state are over, and we did it in just two years by increasing our reserves to over $6 million, cutting taxes, and producing fiscally responsible budgets. Better yet our proposed 2020 budget which cuts taxes again will give us an even better score next year.”

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