Broome County and Greater Binghamton Chamber Announce Details About Buy in Broome Campaign at Press Conference

In conjunction with Broome County, Stacey Duncan and Amy Shaw of the Greater Binghamton Chamber of Commerce announced exciting details about the “Buy in Broome” campaign taking place during the upcoming Holiday Season.


“We are very excited to partner once again with Broome County on a “Buy in Broome” Campaign during this Holiday Season,” remarked Stacey Duncan, President and CEO of the Greater Binghamton Chamber of Commerce. “It’s a natural fit with the Greater Binghamton Chamber of Commerce and the essence of what we are about – encouraging residents in Broome to do business with local businesses in the community. That could mean a family-owned business, like Worldwide Sport Supply, a boutique clothing store, coffee shop, restaurant or big box chain store we find in the Oakdale Mall or on the Vestal Parkway. Big or small, locally owned businesses have the proven ability to boost our economy. When we support brick and mortar retail, we keep dollars in our community.”


What happens when you Buy in Broome?


  1. More money stays in the local economy. The money you spend at local businesses creates a chain effect of economic growth. Spending $100 at a local business reportedly results in $68 that stays in the community, and $43 for national and franchise businesses. From small cafes to big box companies, local businesses also pay property taxes that help improve our roads, parks, public transportation and more. Your tax dollars are reinvested where they belong.


  1. You embrace what makes your community unique. We have a wide variety of businesses in Broome County that you can’t find anywhere else.


  1. You create local jobs. When you shop at local businesses, you give them the means to generate more employment. And more jobs means more stability and retention in Broome County.


  1. Local Investments Strengthen Local Networks. Shopping local creates a relationship-based economy. Thriving local businesses work together to generate more community-driven events, share local ingredients, give back to local charities and better meet demands unique to your interests.



  1. Better Customer Service. Establishing relationships with local businesses means you get better personalized customer service. Local businesses don’t view you as a number. They value each customer and each interaction because your satisfaction is vital to their success.


  1. It’s More Eco-Friendly. Postal delivery services need to move packages across vast distances, sometimes even across countries. Often, the packaging is excessive and made of single-use plastic. Shopping local minimizes waste, reduces travel time and creates incentives for sustainable business practices.


So what is this Buy in Broome Campaign? To start, it is a targeted social media and tv advertising campaign that encourages our residents to make their holiday purchases at a brick and mortar store/location in Broome County.


We have a “Buy in Broome” Facebook and Instagram Page.


We have a dedicated website that will promote this campaign and list holiday shopping events taking place in businesses in Broome County. So if you are a retailer, please reach out to us to get your event listed. You can also download “Buy in Broome” marketing materials for use of retailers in their store, on their website and on their social networks.


We will have “Buy in Broome” stickers and posters for local retailers to keep this challenge top of mind this holiday season. NEW THIS YEAR: “Buy in Broome” reusable shopping bags available at a variety of stores.


We will challenge our community to #BuyInBroome during this holiday season and beyond.


Broome County Executive Jason Garnar commented, “Spending your money at local businesses is a real way to make a difference in Broome County. It benefits our local business owners, their employees, and their families. It also keeps your dollars local; the sales tax you pay on purchases goes to the municipality and the County to pave your roads, keep your community safe, and keep your property taxes low. I challenge everyone in Broome County to join me and BUY IN BROOME this holiday season.”

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