Unshackle Upstate Releases 2018 Advocacy Agenda

Unshackle Upstate, a pro-taxpayer, Upstate focused advocacy and education organization, has released its 2018 Advocacy Agenda. The document identifies 43 issues that impact taxpayers and employers across New York.


“The proposals contained in our 2018 agenda can help New York address its multi-billion-dollar deficit without adding to taxpayers’ burden. By holding the line on spending, reforming regulations that drive up the cost of construction and development, and promoting private-sector job growth, Albany’s leaders can get the state budget back on track,” said Greg Biryla, executive director of Unshackle Upstate. “New York faces serious fiscal challenges in 2018 and beyond, but the last thing Upstate’s economy, its employers or its residents can endure are any additions to our already suffocating tax climate.”


Specifically, the organization’s 2018 Agenda advocates for the following measures:

  • Reject any new or expanded taxes;
  • Reduce state spending and reform expensive mandates like Prevailing Wage and Scaffold Law;
  • Stop imposing short-sighted, one-size-fits-all employer mandates that drive up the cost of business; and
  • Make the property tax cap permanent.


The Chamber, which serves as one member of the Unshackle Upstate Leadership Board, voiced their support for Unshackle Upstate’s agenda.  “The Southern Tier is brimming with economic potential, natural resources and higher education assets. What we need are bold changes to our stifling tax and regulatory structure so that employers can afford to invest in their businesses and taxpayers can afford stay in the region,” said Jennifer Conway, President and CEO of the Greater Binghamton Chamber of Commerce. “Unshackle Upstate’s Agenda is a roadmap for progress in the Southern Tier and across Upstate.”


To view the 2018 Unshackle Upstate Advocacy Agenda, go to http://unshackleupstate.com/assets/policy_agenda/2018_advocacy_agenda.pdf

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