Single-Payer Healthcare

The Rand Corporation published a report calling single-payer “feasible” in New York State. The NYS Assembly has passed the New York Health Act four years in a row and this legislation would create a universal single payer healthcare system in the state. Previously, this bill has been stopped by the Senate. However, November State Senate elections may have an impact on the likelihood of this bill being passed.


Even though the Rand Corporation deemed the study feasible, the costs of the system are huge. In the first year alone, tax hikes would have to be upwards of $139 billion and rise to $210 billion by 2031. This would more than double the entire state budget. The Rand analysis can be found here.


Many organizations have come out against single-payer due to concerns over cost and quality of care. The accuracy of the Rand study was questioned by the Empire Center and can be found here. On October 5th, Bill Hammond of the Empire Center will be speaking on single-payer at the Chamber’s Eggs & Issues event.

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