Sexual Harassment Policy and Training

New York State has passed a law that all employers, regardless of size, must adopt a sexual harassment prevention policy and provide training to their employees.


Key Dates:
October 9, 2018 all employers must adopt a sexual harassment policy. The employees then must be given a copy of the policy along with Sexual Harassment Training.


January 1, 2019 all state contractors must submit an affirmation that they have a policy in place and the policy meets the minimum requirements and that all of their employees have trained.


Policy Requirements:
• Prohibit sexual harassment
• Provide specific examples
• Local, state and federal laws on sexual harassment
• Bring awareness of the help available to victims of sexual harassment
• Include a complaint form
• Include a procedure to address issues
• Inform employees of their rights
• Sexual harassment must be considered a form of employee misconduct and rules will be enforced
• Must prevent retaliation against individuals who complain of sexual harassment


Training Components:
• Definition and explanation of sexual harassment
• Examples must be provided of what sexual harassment is
• Information concerning the federal and state laws concerning sexual harassment
• Services available to victims
• Information about employees’ rights and the process for redress


The state has published a model sexual harassment prevention policy, complaint form, and training materials. The labor commissioner is suggesting that their materials be used as a minimum and other more in-depth materials be used and created by businesses.


For more information and draft policies, please go to:

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