Strategic Partnerships

Developing a strong business climate with a passionate community that cares about the future is an advantage like no other and here in the Greater Binghamton area, we have just that.  As we transition away from our rebranding initiative, we are focused on the substance that our community and business arena have to offer.  The Southern Tier has a plethora of resources to allow us to reach our goals, both as individuals and organizations, but we have to continue working hard and align our priorities correctly.

Creating partnerships that develop a strategic advantage to our prosperity is a benefit not every community can enjoy.  Fortunately, we are dedicated to working together to achieve these goals.  We are expanding our network which allows us to collaborate in a much more efficient way.

These actions have already shown the positive benefits it can offer.  We have partnered with numerous organizations like Binghamton University, The City of Binghamton, SUNY Broome, The Agency, and many more to put on ‘Breaking Down the Silos’ events.   We have gathered our respective membership and following in the same room to highlight local entrepreneurs, meet with fellow business professionals, and engage in a dialogue that enhances how we can do business in our community.

However, it’s not solely about hosting networking events.  Here at the Chamber, we have decided to incorporate these partnerships into our business model because the value of working together is exponentially more beneficial than operating alone.  For example, we have a strong relationship with the Greater Binghamton SCORE Chapter and open our doors so they can assist tenacious entrepreneurs get started on the right path.

Our economy is evolving and it is essential to have the necessary information in order to succeed.  This information is readily available throughout the community, but might not always be the easiest to obtain.  These strategic partnerships are efficient ways to obtain information, resources, and ideas that put success within reach.

That means we are ALWAYS looking for other organizations to partner with because the community will continue to grow.  We are currently finalizing our Young Professional Alliance, which is aimed at empowering the emerging professionals of our area through aspects like community engagement and professional development.  With collaboration from the Southern Tier Young Professionals, Broome County Urban League Young Professionals, the Emerging Leaders Society, and the Chamber, this is another venture that will help retain top-tier talent and improve the workforce of the Southern Tier.

Our mission is to create a premier business environment committed to our three pillars; to champion business growth, to ensure a healthy community, and to be the voice of business.  Forming these partnerships is another avenue where we can fulfill our mission and be the go-to resource for your business or organization in the Greater Binghamton region.

If you are interested in learning more about how your business or organization can partner with the Chamber, please contact us at (607) 772-8860 or

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