Predictive Scheduling Win

The Greater Binghamton Chamber of Commerce has been actively engaged in opposing new call-in scheduling regulations also known as predictive scheduling. The Chamber has been working with business community allies to voice our concerns about the damage this would cause to businesses in our region. Thanks to the efforts of all those opposing this regulation, the Department of Labor has decided to stop pursuing this rule!


Many believed the Department of Labor was going to act and place restrictions on the ability for employers to change schedules. One of the more onerous provisions that the Department of Labor was considering was forcing employers to pay an additional 4 hours of call-in-pay to the employee if their schedule were to change within 72 hours of the schedule change. Another provision was that the employers would be held responsible for 2 hours of call-in-pay if an employee’s schedule had not been posted 14 days in advance. Compliance with these types of laws are very difficult especially in sectors that fluctuate such as retail and restaurants. This law would simply make doing business in New York more difficult.


According to an article published by Albany Business Review, a spokeswoman for the Department of Labor has stated that they plan to let the regulation expire. Based on the statement from the Department of Labor, they have no plans to bring this regulation up again through the rule making process. If this regulation is brought up again, it must come through the normal legislative channels. The Chamber will continue to be engaged on this issue if it should become a possibility in the future.



The article that first published this story can be found here:



The Chamber’s letter of opposition can be found here: Employee Scheduling Comments – Greater Binghamton Chamber of Commerce

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