Eggs and Issues’ Final Program of 2017

Last Friday we had our final Eggs & Issues program for 2017 and took a focus on the Regulatory Culture in New York State and how they affect business growth and success in New York. We discussed the construction industry and how they are directly impacted by a number of regulations that the state has enacted. Brian Sampson from the Association of Builders and Contractors informed the audience that every project in NYS costs at least 30% more due to the prevailing wage associated with it.


If the prevailing wage were to be expanded to other public work projects, the economic development process would be slowed to a crawl. Scaffold law is another major regulation that was discussed and NYS continues to be the only state in the nation that still has this law on their books. The major argument to keep this legislation continues to be that it increases job site safety, but studies done with Illinois (last state to have Scaffold Law reform) show that safety has actually improved after reforming their Scaffold Law.


Finally we also reviewed the health care industry in New York and how that drives up costs for businesses. One of the major way health care costs have increased over the last few years is the state requiring insurance to cover more services than completely necessary. Independently these services do not cost a substantial amount, but all put together it significantly drives up the cost of health insurance to a business and it’s employees.


The chamber, and our business partners from across the state, continue to advocate for mandate reform in New York.  Regulation and mandates continue to significantly drive up the cost of doing business in New York and force businesses out.

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