Cuomo Announces Hearings Regarding Tipped Wages

Sunday, Governor Cuomo unveiled his fifth proposal to be included in his 2018 State of the State address: directing the Commissioner of Labor to schedule public hearings to examine and evaluate the possibility of ending minimum wage tip credits in New York State.


According to the Governor – more than 70 percent of all tipped workers in New York are women. The Governor claims that studies have shown that African-American workers are often tipped less than their white counterparts and that tipped workers often report not being willing to come forward because they are reliant on their employers for shift scheduling, with certain shifts generally tipping more than others. The Governor also claims that tipping practices have been linked to higher rates of sexual harassment.


The New York State Department of Labor will hold public hearings to solicit input from workers, businesses and others. Those who wish to testify will be able to pre-register on the Department’s website. The Department will issue a notice identifying the specific times and locations for the hearings.

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