Chamber Takes Part in BCNY Policy Planning

The Chamber participated in the annual Business Council Government Affairs Committee Planning Session.  The meeting highlighted many of the different priority issues that will be potentially addressed during the 2018 New York State Budget and Legislative session.


Some of the 2018 issues include:

  • Expansion of prevailing wage mandates to private sector projects
  • New revenue measures related to a state budget deficit and/or federal tax changes
  • Pay equity related mandates
  • Additional labor law mandates, including those on scheduling, screening, benefits and others
  • Government-sponsored retirement programs that require employer support and/or involvement
  • Expansion of the MWBE program
  • Single-payer health plan
  • Campaign finance reform; and
  • Further Workers’ Compensation reforms.


We also heard from the Senate Republicans, the Independent Democratic Conference, and the Assembly.  They each highlighted some of the priority items their delegations are looking at for the 2018 session and addressed some of these priority items.  All agreed that the issues laid out above are priorities for each delegation, but negotiations over the next few months will determine how far each of them go.

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